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The Theme for December 1 is "Gift"

Last Christmas, Granddaughter Willa was wearing one Christmas gift, a sweater brought back from a trip to Norway, and holding a second gift, a Teddy bear.  What is the best gift?  Grandchildren, of course.

Let's see your interpretation of "gift" on December 1.


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24Nov17: Lucas TVS

12:00am Jan 1 24Nov17: Lucas TVS

11/24/17 8:02 am

12:00am Jan 1

11/24/17 7:24 am

11/24/17 5:57 am

Out on the beach yesterday afternoon. It was very ...

12:00am Jan 1 Out on the beach yesterday afternoon. It was very windy, very cold and very nice to walk there w

11/23/17 11:12 pm

11/23/17 10:01 pm

My daughters got tired of my picture-taking many y...

12:00am Jan 1 My daughters got tired of my picture-taking many years ago. Often one of them is rolling her eyes...

11/23/17 8:58 pm

11/23/17 7:25 pm