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Sequim Daily Photo celebrates 10 years of blogging on August 30

SDP is anchored in the small Washington State community of Sequim (pronounced “Skwim”). Rural in character, Sequim's location is bounded by the Olympic Mountains and Olympic National Park on one side and by the waters that form the northern U.S. border on the other. In between are forests, farms, rivers and streams. Sequim is a premier lavender-growing region.

SDP has been a group effort. Its first blogger, Norma, known as “Lavender Lady,” launched the blog in 2006 and maintained it for four years. In 2010 Shannon took over for a year.  SDP's current blogger, Kay, celebrated five years of blogging this month.

Kay credits Sequim for her blogging inspiration. "Everyone should have a few happy places," she says. "I’ve been lucky that Sequim is one of mine and luckier still that I live here. Sequim feeds my soul. I marvel at the vistas, the colors, and the light. I like finding things to share with SDP's followers.  My photos are my love letters to Sequim."


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