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October Theme Day - ABANDONED

This month’s theme of “Abandoned” comes to us from CDP’s administrator, Peter Hyndman of Sunshine Coast (Australia) Daily Photo.  The idea came to him because of the items he finds on the beach after the crowds have gone home.  Peter then got to thinking about all the other sorts of things that get abandoned in our disposable lives.   Living in a rapidly growing community where there’s no such thing as an abandoned building, Peter set out to find one for theme day!

“Sunshine Coast” is the name of the city where Peter lives.  Really!  He started the blog in March 2008 on the day the city was formed from three separate towns.   While Peter hasn’t missed a day of posting despite his particularly – uh, let’s call it “itinerant “ -- life, the blog isn’t always “live”.

 A few years ago after the CDP portal was hacked, Peter offered to cobble together a temporary portal while awaiting the development of a permanent portal.  Eventually it became clear that this is the new permanent portal.  We owe Peter a debt of gratitude for keeping the wonky thing up and running!  (Thanks, Peter.) 

Before his current life of renovating his Australian home and cruising the waterways of Europe, Peter has worked as an architect, builder, sandwich shop owner, property developer, town planner and other things best forgotten! 


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