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A Birthday Cake with Ten Candles for St Louis Daily Photo on March 22

Bob Crowe fits a daily photography blog -- St. Louis Daily Photo -- into a rich life full of family, travel and a very busy legal career representing Social Security claimants.  And, he has been doing so continuously for ten years.  Without a break.  Though Bob often reminds us that he is a loyal son of New York City, his affection for his adopted city on the Mississippi River ("the Lou") shines through.

Bob began on March 22, 2007, with a black and white photograph of St. Louis' famous arch.  ( He began under the pseudonym of strangetastes, but we will let him explain that one.)  Over many stretches of time he has treated us to a series of Thursday Arch images, but even a creative and hard-working photographer like Bob runs out of new arch treatments after a while, so the arch goes on hiatus until the spirit moves him again.  In recent years Bob has often featured his ever-so-cute granddaughters Madeleine ( Madeleine Monday) and Audrey ( Audrey Anyday).

The photography is always stellar.  Rants creep into the blog occasionally.  And sometimes the press of work keeps Bob and his camera off the street, so he dips into one of the deepest and highest quality photo archives of anyone on City Daily Photo.  Congratulations, Bob.  Keep it up!


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A rainy day in 2015 in the university city of Padua, Italy, was still charming.  I was on my way to a museum and had the street mostly to myself.  Except for a man w...



03/29/17 1:30 am

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One-room school, circa 1880.

Linda Walcroft 4:54am Mar 29 One-room school, circa 1880.

03/28/17 9:54 pm

William Kendall 11:06pm Mar 28

03/28/17 4:06 pm

03/28/17 11:24 am

Gunn White 3:33pm Mar 28

03/28/17 8:33 am